There are certain legal transactions that do not enter into effect until they have been certified by a notary. Our notary, Volker Nitschke from KNH’s Berlin office, provides advice covering the whole of Germany on the full range of legal issues, particularly in the following areas: 

  1. Real property law: 
    • Purchase contracts for construction land, buildings, residential property
    • Condominium ownership: Designing participation and condominium agreements
    • Building developer contracts for the acquisition of condominium property still in project phase
  2. Company law: 
    • Setting up corporations and partnerships, capital measures and conversions, sales of shares
    • Secretarial duties at annual general meetings of joint-stock companies
  3. Inheritance law:
    • Designing wills and agreements as to succession
    • Gifts, particularly in the framework of anticipated succession
    • Application for certificates of inheritance and the European certificate of succession 
  4. If required, certificates can also be drawn up in English

Our notary’s duties also include the authentication of signatures and copies, and, in international transactions, obtaining apostilles